Brain Jump

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Aside from being an excellent resource to use in a human body focused science lesson,  Brain Jump is an excellent tool to use with LA or SEN children to develop their memory and cognitive skills. The app was developed by neurologists specifically to help children develop their brain and the aforementioned skills.

What The Children Do:

Children join a colourful character named Ned the Neuron on his journey through the human brain.

Children can choose to read about the brain or watch a video about the different functions of the brain. On top of this, there are also a lot of activities which the children can work through that are specifically designed to develop their brain power.

For example, one activity is a memory-based activity where children must memorize the position of neurons and place them back correctly in order to help their submarine sink – it’s very child-friendly.

As the app was designed by neurologists and educators it’s an incredible tool to help less able children to develop cognitive skills which they can then use across the curriculum (or to push HA or MA children on.) It’s also a useful tool to use in a science lesson about the brain.

How It Works:

It’s a very easy app to use as children simply select the activity they want to do and then the app will guide them, allowing them to work independently and developing their computing skills.

Why Its Good:

It’s a very colourful app with colourful illustrations throughout which help to engage the children in the task.

The activities also become more difficult as the children progress allowing you to differentiate by outcome and ensuring the children remain busy for a long time. On top of this, the app was designed by experts so each activity is extremely beneficial to the child and can help them make progress in several areas.



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