Bugs and Buttons

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Bugs and Buttons is a very useful app to have in any EYFS or KS1 classroom because it helps a child to develop a huge range of different skills. There are a lot of different games on the app which can challenge children in a variety of ways.

What The Children Do:

There are an awful lot of different activities which the children can undertake through this app. Each activity helps the child with a different skill such as identifying patterns, learning the alphabet, recognising colours and developing their memory – among many more.

One activity sees children literally grabbing bugs of a specific colour and putting them in a jar whereas another has them find matching upper and lower case letters. Through these activities, children will also be challenged to use a variety of computer skills such as shaking the iPad, dragging and pinching.

Children will work on their fine motor skills, cognitive skills, computer skills and general knowledge with this app.

How It Works:

By pressing play you can begin a game and then pause it anytime and use the next arrow to move, you can do this repeatedly until you find the game you’re happy with. However, you can also use this “explore” function to look through a list of games – with each one named after the skill it focuses on – and select the one you want to use.

As I’ve mentioned, you use a lot of different computing skills with this app, but there is an excellent tutorial which literally (in the form of an animated hand) shows the children what to do so they can work independently.

Why It’s Good:

The biggest benefit of using this app is that you can cover so many different things with it. Having an app which can help a child develop their computing skills, memory skills and knowledge of the alphabet (among many others) is invaluable.

I also think the presentation is excellent and the vast number of different activities will ensure the children never get bored of using this app.


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