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Creaturizer is a fun app which can really help children to develop their imagination, computing skills and creative writing talent. Children are tasked with creating their own monster and then photographing it in different places which can be an extremely powerful tool when used in an English lesson.

What The Children Do:

Children are taken to a laboratory and can create a monster from various animal body parts. They simply click on the head, body or tail and cycle through different parts until they’ve created their creature (i.e. an aardvark’s head, lion’s body and rattlesnake tail.)

Once they’ve created their creature, children can click on “choose mission” and use their creatures features (i.e. click the mouth to make large jaws move.) However, the real beauty of this app is the ability to photograph the creature anywhere.

The image of their creature will be projected wherever they point the iPad, so if children create a creature that lives in the jungle they could then take the iPad outside and take a photograph of their creature on the school field or among some trees.

It’s a powerful tool to use when encouraging children to think of ideas for creative writing and is also a fun activity.

How It Works:

Children simply tap the part of the body they wish to change and the app will change it, they can do this as many times as they please until they’re happy with their creation. Children then click on “choose mission” to take a photograph of their creature in the classroom or wherever they may be.

The monster is easy to control as you simply use two fingers to resize it and can drag it about or tap it once to rotate it but there is an in-app tutorial which will help.

Why Its Good:

It’s a brilliant creative writing tool because children can actually make the creature they’re going to write about rather than being told to picture it in their heads. The fact that they can use it (i.e. sniff with the snout, clamp the jaws) will also inspire them to write about how it moves and acts in their story.

It’s a simple app which shouldn’t be underestimated when used correctly.


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