Preschool EduKidsRoom

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Preschool EduKidsRoom is a great app for introducing EYFS children to a range of different concepts as well as for developing their computer skills. It’s a very child-friendly and very colourful app with a lot of colourful characters that younger children will find engaging.

What The Children Do:

Children can choose to play a wide range of games, each one helping them develop their knowledge of different edukidsroomsubjects such as time, colours, number, shape and the alphabet.

Every game is different which helps to engage the children with their learning and also ensures every type of learner is able to access the app. The games are structured to help children develop their knowledge in a variety of different ways. For example, one app will see children matching pairs of colourful shoes whereas another will have them placing the numbers on a clock face.

This is all done in a child-friendly and extremely colourful way so they children will be excited to undertake each activity.

How It Works:

Children simply choose the activity they want and are then shown how to complete it with a visual tutorial. It’s a very easy app to use (mostly just drag-and-drop are selecting an option) so the children can work independently.

As a teacher, you can click on to settings and customize the difficulty by selecting from one of two different age ranges (2-3 Years and 3-5 Years) which allow you to differentiate the activities as well as show evidence of progression.

Why Its Good:

I love this app because it’s so child-friendly. Every activity is colourful and animated and there are different characters placed all over the app who the children will be extremely fond of.

However, aside from its beautiful preedukidsroom2sentation, I also love the fact that the activities can help children with so many different skills – not just in education but in life too.

As I’ve mentioned, you can customize the difficulty setting and you can also select which activities the children have access to, ensuring they only focus on the topics you want them to practice.

There’s also a helpful blog which you can use as a teacher or you can guide parents too. This app is a must-have tool in any EYFS or Year 1 classroom.


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