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Grammaropolis is an app which helps children to learn about different areas of grammar including; nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions and interjections. The app includes e-books and videos so children of all abilities can access the learning.

What The Children Do:

Children choose which area of grammar they want to work on and are then taken to a map. Each category has a map which contains a mixture of videos, e-books, music videos and quizzes about that particular topic – giving the children a good mix of ways to learn.

Aside from the colourful activities on the map, children can also access the e-books and videos directly as well as taken a detailed quiz. Within each category the quiz can be broken down into subcategories i.e. when quizzing on nouns children can choose to quiz on common and proper nouns, abstract and concrete nouns, collective and compound nouns or singular and plural nouns.

The app also records the children’s progress as they work through the different categories and quizzes – ensuring they can revisit any areas they need to work on.

How It Works:

Children simply select the category they want to work on and then select one of the activities by clicking on their icon on the map.

Why It’s Good:

There are different ways to learn with this app so children of all abilities can access the activities. The app also covers an awful lot of different grammar related topics so you can help children develop a very wide range of skills and the progress record enables you to identify any areas they need to work on and help them develop.

Free – Nouns
£1.49 per category
£9.99 – Everything

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