iDino Book

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iDino Book is a superb teaching tool that can help children learn interesting and in-depth information about dinosaurs. The app is extremely attractive and features over 200 different dinosaurs for the children to read about and study.

What the Children Do:

Children can select a dinosaur (from more than 200 species) and learn a great deal of facts about their chosen reptile, such as; where and when they lived on Earth, what they ate, the hunting habits and their size.

Certain information is presented in bullet point form but there is also several paragraphs of detailed information written about each dinosaur. Children can also select the world map and then select a country to see which dinosaurs lived there.

The information on offer is amazing and thus far I’m yet to see anything that even rivals iDino Book. To top all this off, there’s even a quiz which the students can complete to test their learning.

How It Works:

Children use their finger to simply select the dinosaur or region of a map they want to learn about – it’s that simple.

Why It’s Good:

For fellow dinosaur enthusiasts like myself, this app has an awful lot of information and is enough to enhance any class project. It’s also a very well=presented app as it almost looks like the journal that an archeologist might keep, helping children to become more engaged with the app.

The optional quiz can also help to consolidate what the children have learnt throughout the lesson or project.

Finally, it’s also extremely easy to use so the children can gain a huge amount of information whilst working independently.


Limited Version – Free
Full Version (Highly Recommended) £2.29

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