Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge

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Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge is an app approved by the British Council to help children develop their knowledge and understanding of grammar. Children can either sign-in with an account or play as a guest and work their way through activities which cover a lot of different aspects of grammar.

What The Children Do:

Children select a category to practice from either grammar, words or spelling.screen322x572

Within the grammar section, children have to select the correct word (from a list of possible answers) to complete a sentence. The grammar section has several subcategories to choose from including; Prepositions, Irregular Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs, Infinites, Adverbial Clauses, Modals and Conjunctions among others.

The spelling section will ask children to choose the word which is spelled correctly from a list of possible answers.

Finally, the Words section will ask children to select a topic (Film and TV, Hobbies etc) and then a difficulty (Easy, Medium or Hard.) Children will then be given a list of statements and have to choose the one which matches the word they’re given.

After completing a section, children will be given a badge to shown they’ve finished it.

How It Works:

Children simply use their finger to select a category and subcategory and then select the correct answer from a list of options. It’s very easy to use and children can work independently.

screen322x572 (1)Why It’s Good:

The app covers a lot of different subjects and topics so children can develop an excellent knowledge of grammar. Children can also work independently on this app because it’s very easy to use, especially because the repetitive nature of the challenging activities which will help with overlearning.

I also think the reward system will appeal to younger children and they’ll want to use the app to gain more badges, thus engaging them further and encouraging them to practice more.


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