Kids History Atlas

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Kids History Atlas is an interactive world atlas that children can use to histatlas1explore Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. It’s an extremely engaging app, full of colourful animated characters that will help children to develop their knowledge of these time periods.

What The Children Do:

Children select which place and time the want to look at and are then taken to a map which is full of colourful characters and associated with either Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome or Ancient Egypt. The children then click onto one of these characters and are given a fact sheet (along with a colourful illustration) talking about this character – i.e. clicking a Roman soldier will give the children information about the Roman army. Children can then click onto an alien (he’s visiting Earth and you control him) to take a quiz about what they’ve learnt.

histatlas2How It Works:

It’s a very easy app to use and the children can work independently. All they do is use their finger to select a location and character that they want to learn about.

Why It’s Good:

The app has a lot of information about each place on the map and children will enjoy researching each topic. The app is extremely child-friendly and can really engage the children in their learning whilst the quiz is a great way to consolidate their understanding.

£1.49 per Period
£2.49 for all three

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