Kids World Atlas

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When teaching Geography, the Kids World Atlas app is an excellent way to bring each country to life and help the children to develop a greater knowledge of the place they’re learning about. It’s a very colourful and engaging app which children will enjoy using for research.

What The Children Do:

EN_1024x768-1Children control an alien who’s visiting Earth and are presented with a world map. At the bottom of the map, they’re given a list of categories; animals, world heritage sites, mountains and volcanoes, climates, rivers, ecosystems and lakes, seas and oceans. Children select the category they want to learn about and then images associated with each place will appear on the map (i.e. a bear will appear in Canada etc.)

They then simply click on a picture and are shown a fact sheet so they can learn more about it (i.e. how old the Roman Coliseum is etc.) This is a great way to help children learn more about certain buildings or climates in a very engaging way.

There are also games children can complete such as dragging-and-dropping the correct landmark onto the map or ordering animals by size etc. There is also a quiz the children can complete to solidify their knowledge of a specific place.

How It Works:

Children simply use their finger to select a category and then to select a place to learn about by touching the picture on the map. It’s a very easy app to use so children can work independently.

Why It’s Good:

The app is extremely easy to use but is also very detailed and very colourful. Children will find this very engaging and there is an awful lot to research and write about when you begin using the different categories – so much so I actually spent a while on this app myself.

It’s a great way to enhance their work and the images and different activities can help them to develop their learning and understand what they’re researching.

£1.99 per Category (Animals is free)
£3.99 for all categories

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