KS1 Science Lite

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This wonderful science app is extremely appealing to children as they learn all about science through the eyes of an alien visiting Earth for the first time. There are a lot of different activities within this app, each one full of quality information (complete with colourful diagrams) to help the children develop their subject knowledge.

What The Children Do:

The children control an alien who has come to Earth to learn all about science. The alien is a colourful character and the children will enjoy moving his spaceship around as they select a topic to learn about.

Children select a category from either Seasons, Materials, Animals or Plants and can then begin to learn about different aspects of that topic.

Each topic is brought to life with colourful pictures and diagrams to help engage children with the subject. There are also different activities such as dropping different objects into water to see which will float, or linking the correct leaf and seed to the correct tree – these activities help to enrich the learning and also to engage the children even further.

How It Works:

It’s a very simple app to control as all the children have to do is click on the topic they’re interested in and then they’ll be guided through the rest of the process by the app itself, allowing them to work independently.

Why Its Good:

As I’ve mentioned it’s a very colourful app and children will find it fun to learn through the eyes of the Alien. The depth of information in each category is also fantastic and will cover almost any topic in the KS1 Science curriculum within those specific topics.

For children who struggle with their reading, there is also an option to have the story narrated which can help them to understand difficult terms – the narration is voiced by a child which I feel helps make the app more child-friendly.

I’d consider this app a must have for KS1 children because it will bring science to life in an interactive and engaging way.


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