Learn Area and Perimeter

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Learn Area and Perimeter does exactly what it says on the box and teaches children about area and perimeter. This is a good app to use with LA children who might struggle to visualize a shape if they’re only presented with measurements. I also think it’s a great tool to have as a class teacher when you want children to draw a shape accurately.

What The Children Do:

Children are presented with a grid and they can draw any shape they like on that grid. Once they’ve drawn their shape, the app will tell them the area and perimeter of that shape – a very good visual aid for LA learners.

How It Works:

To draw the shape, children simply touch the place on the grid they want it to begin and then touch somewhere else on the grid and a line will form between the two points. Children then touch another point and another line will form – essentially, every time the child touches the grid, a line will appear from the last place they marked. Children then press the brush icon to clear the screen.

It’s a lot easier than it sounds and children will pick it up quickly.

Why It’s Good:

I think it’s a good tool to help LA children to visualize a shape when they’re learning about area and perimeter. If they have to work out the area of a shape that is 8cm long and 4cm wide, they can count the squares on the grid and draw the shape to help them solve the problem.

Aside from this, it also ensures children will draw accurate shapes as they don’t need to use a ruler (which can be difficult for younger children.)

It’s a free and easy to use resource which can really help children to understand area and perimeter.



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