Mighty Maths 1

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Mighty Maths 1 is a very useful app to have in the classroom when helping children to develop their knowledge of basic mathematical topics. The app encourages children to, not only understand mathematical concepts but also to develop instant recall of various number facts.

What The Children Do:

Children select a mathematical concept from four possible options; subtraction and addition, number bonds, multiplication and division. Once they’ve selected their category, children select a difficulty (i.e. 8 times tables or addition using numbers to 10) and are then tasked with answering as many questions as possible within a set time limit (1 minute, 2 minutes or no limit.)

It’s very easy to understand and can really help children to overlearn their number facts which can benefit them in other areas of maths.

How It Works:

The game is extremely easy to use as children just use their finger to select their category, difficulty, time limit and then their answers. Scores are shown at the end and can be reset simply by clicking on “reset.”

When children are answering their question, they simply use an on-screen keyboard to type in their answer and press “ok.”

Why It’s Good:

This app works well because it’s very simple but also very intense. Children are challenged by the time limit and the repetitive nature of the app will ensure that the basic number facts are locked in their memory for future use.

It’s a fantastic tool to use with LA or SEN children and is also a great activity to start or end a lesson with.


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