Mighty Maths 2

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Mighty Maths 2 is similar to Mighty Maths 1 (itself a brilliant app for number facts) but focuses on more advanced mathematical concepts. The app can help children to develop a good knowledge of these advanced concepts and also help them to develop instant recall through overlearning.

What The Children Do:

Children select a mathematical concept to focus on from either partitioning, recomposition, place value and rounding. Once they’ve selected their concept they can select a difficulty (i.e. Place Value of 3-digit numbers or 2-digit numbers) and a time limit (1 minute, 2 minutes or no limit.)

It literally takes less than a minute to set an activity up and then children are tasked with answering as many questions as possible about that subject within the time limit. To answer a question, children have to use an on-screen keyboard and type in their answer and then press “okay.”

It really is that simple.

At the end of the game, children are given a score which they can record and use as a benchmark of their progress.

How It Works:

Children simply select their category, difficulty and time limit and then the app begins. It’s very easy to use and children can definitely work independently.

Why It’s Good:

I think this app is unique in the particular skills it allows children to focus on and I like how simple it is to use. Children will quickly develop a good understanding of the key concepts mentioned earlier through using this app and I think it’s a great tool to have in any classroom.


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