Monster Hunt

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Monster Hunt is a colourful app which can help children to develop their memory skills in an exciting and engaging way. It’s also very easy to use so the children can work independently.

What The Children Do:

screen568x568Children are shown a set of cards with some cards having a picture of monster on them. The cards will then be turned over and the children have to select the cards that had monsters on them.

The more they get correct, the more monsters will appear and the more cards they’ll have to choose from. If they get an answer wrong, they simply drop to the level below rather than going back to the start.

It’s a very repetitive but addictive task and can really help children to develop their memory skills.

How It Works:

Children simply press play and are then shown the cards. They then have to use their finger to select the correct cards once they’ve been turned over.

Why It’s Good:

It’s a very child friendly app with colourful characters that will appeal to younger children (EYFS, KS1.) I also like the option to have more than one player (they take turns and keep a score) because some children thrive in a competitive environment.

You can also customize how long the cards are shown for and add sound effects through the settings menu, allowing you to make the game more challenging as the children progress.


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