Ned The Neuron

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Ned The Neuron is an interactive book which is designed to help children learn about the brain. It can be used to help children understand more about how the brain works whilst also helping them to develop their own cognitive skills. The book can be used in either science or guided reading and is a useful tool to have in any classroom.

Why Its Good:

As they’re designed by neurologists, both the story and activities are extremely beneficial to helping children develop cognitive skills as well as their knowledge of the brain. It’s very colourful and child-friendly which will appeal to children of all ages and abilities – it’s also cross-curricular as you can use it as a science-based resource or as a reading comprehension activity.

It really is an excellent tool to have in the classroom, especially when used to help an LA or SEN child to develop their cognitive skills – something I feel is occasionally lost within the curriculum itself.

How It Works:

Children can work independently as they just select the activity they want and work through it or continue reading.

What The Children Do:

Children can read or listen to the colourful and interactive story which teaches them all about the brain. They can also complete different activities associated with the story as they work through it – each activity is designed¬†to help them develop cognitive skills as well as test their knowledge of the subject they’re reading about.



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