Oolie and Sputnik

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Oolie and Sputnik is a fun story which children can read during guided reading. It’s illustrated with colourful images which help to engage the children in the story – which is set in the future. It can also be used as a creative writing tool because the colourful characters and settings can help children to imagine their own versions of Oolie and Sputnik in their writing.

What The Children Do:

Children can read or listen to a detailed book about two aliens who travel through time in Singapore. Oolie and Sputnik visit the past as well as the future in this colourful adventure book which will keep children engaged throughout the entire story.

How It Works:

Children simply move each page using their finger to swipe or can use the menu to move through the pages and continue reading from where they were up to.

Why It’s Good:

Oolie and Sputnik is a very engaging story and is absolutely ideal for learning about Singapore. However, I also think it’s a very good app to use in guided reading as it’s very colourful and children will become engaged in the story quickly.

Thinking outside the box, it’s a fantastic tool to use in creative writing because children can read about and see both the past and the future. I’d personally ask lower-ability children to read the story (with or without support) and then use it to gather ideas for their own creative writing.


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