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If you’re teaching science and really want to engage the children in the subject they’re learning about, then Play Science is exactly what you’re looking for. The app is very colourful and also very detailed about the topics it covers, providing you with a high-quality science resource right at your fingertips.

What The Children Do:

Children select a science topic and are then given in-depth but child-friendly information about this topic.

Each topic is full of rich information and helpful diagrams which really help the children to engage with the subject. The diagrams are particularly child-friendly and will help a child to visualize the subject they’re learning about.

The detail this app goes into is very impressive as well – for example when learning about plants children will be shown a colourful, labelled diagram of a plant using air, sunlight and water to grow. Following this, children will then learn about each individual part of the plant (stem, roots etc) and photosynthesis – all of which is presented in a child-friendly and colourfully illustrated way.

Finally, there are also different quizzes at the end of each topic to help children to consolidate their learning. The quiz consists of different types of questions such as; multiple choice, completing sentences and Yes or No questions. Whenever children answer a quiz question they get points which they can use to buy new rewards (fish or ornaments etc) to put into an aquarium.

How It Works:

It’s a very easy app to use as children just tap to select the topic they want to learn about and then follow the arrows to move further through the topic (it’s presented in the form of a colourful ebook.)

Why Its Good:

This app is ideal for research because of the in-depth nature of the information offered, it’s also an excellent tool to help children draw and label brilliant scientific diagrams in their book.

As I’ve mentioned, there are different quizzes the children can do and the different type of questioning has two major benefits. Firstly, it prevents the children from becoming bored as they’re not very repetitive and, secondly, it allows children to consolidate their learning in different ways.

I also really like the aquarium as it’s very addictive trying to get points so you can buy new fish and equipment. I recommend using AirServer to project the iPad onto the Interactive Whiteboard and use the aquarium as a “class aquarium” that the children have to work together to fill.

This is a brilliant must-have app for any science teacher (particularly great for biology.)

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