Puppet Pals HD

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Puppet Pals HD is a great way to help children bring a story to life and encourages them to develop their speaking and listening skills as well as their script writing skills. It’s a very engaging and creative app which will appeal to children of all ages.

What The Children Do:

Children create a story using puppets and can the watch the story back.

screen480x480 (2)To do this, they choose their characters from a list or can even take a photograph and use that as a character (by cutting themselves out on the iPad,) allowing them to insert themselves or a cartoon they’ve drawn into the story. After that, they choose their settings in a similar manner – from a set list of photographs.

Once they’ve done this, the children press the red microphone icon at the top of the screen and the app will begin recording. The children can then move their character using their finger and speak the characters’ lines – they can then play this back and the characters will move around by themselves whilst the children’s voices are heard reading the lines.

It’s an impressive final product for the work they’ve produced and turning a story into a stage play with puppets is extremely rewarding for them.

How It Works:

Children use their finger to move the characters around the screen in the manner they want them to in their story. They click on the camera icon to upload a photo and then the red microphone icon to record their scene. When creating the scene, children press the rope hanging from the curtain to change the background.

Once they’ve done this, they simply click “save” and they can then watch their movie back.

Why It’s Good:

The app is great because it allows children to be extremely creative and is very engaging. Children will want to write their script and record the audio/video and then watch the scene come to life. It’s also easy to use and you can create a video fairly quickly so you can use it during one-off lessons as well.

It’s a great tool to enhance any English lesson but I think it’s biggest asset might be just how engaging it is for the children.

Free – Just Fairytale Characters/Backgrounds
£2.29 – Everything Else

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