Roman Numerals Converter

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The Roman Numerals Converter  is A handy tool to have in any classroom as it can help children quickly learn their Roman Numerals. It’s very simple to use and will benefit any child trying to learn this particular area of mathematics regardless of ability.

What The Children Do:

Children select whether they want the app to convert a number into Roman Numerals or if they want Roman Numerals converted into Arabic Numbers. After that, they simply type in the number or numeral they want to convert and the app converts it for them.

How It Works:

Children input their number or numeral using an on-screen keyboard which can display either Arabic or Roman depending on which the children want to convert.

Why It’s Good:

Roman Numerals is a tricky subject to teach and an even trickier subject to learn and remember. This app can help children develop an understanding quickly because it’s very visual but also because it’s so quick the children could literally practice for five minutes a day.


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