2nd Earth Science

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2nd Earth Science is a useful tool to have in any classroom because it has obvious cross-curricular benefits. Children can use the app to learn about a large number of science-basedĀ topics through colourful and informative e-books.

What The Children Do:

This app is a fantastic tool to use in either a science lesson or a guided reading session as you’re essentially giving the children access to a scientific library.

The app is full of colourful and interactive books about different science based topics. The books provide the children with a wealth of information as well as colourful diagrams to accompany them. At the end of each book, children can also take a quiz which has a range of question types.

Whilst this app can be used by the whole class, you can also create specific usernames for the children so the app can record their individual scores for each quiz.

There is also an option to create your own information sheet and quiz which is a great way for you to ensure your children are learning the information you want them to learn or it can be used by the children to create their own quiz to test each other.

How It Works:

Children simply tap on a book to select that book and then begin working through it, once they’ve finished they can complete the quiz and record their score.

Why Its Good:

As I’ve mentioned this app is extremely colourful and contains a lot of different diagrams to make a topic more interesting. It’s very engaging for children and is a great asset to have when asking them to research information for a project.

The app is also cross-curricular as you can also use it in guided reading because it has a quiz accompanying the text and the recorded scores will allow you to record progress within those sessions.

Finally, the option to create your own quiz is a great tool because you can test the children on any scientific subject you want (either create your own or pick random information to test on from the books) or you can ask the children to create their own information sheet and quiz -thus expanding on their learning and providing you with evidence.

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