My Amazing Learning Library

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My Amazing Learning Library is an interactive library filled with informative cards that cover a range of topics. Each card is very colourful and well illustrated and the information is presented in a few different ways including imagery, text and audio. The app is excellent and engaging children and hooking their interest as it encourages them to learn in an extremely fun way.

What The Children Do:

The children can select a card associated with one of the following subjects: History, The Earth and The Universe, The World Today, The Human Body or Nature. Within each category, there are a lot of subcategories for the children to learn about as well such as Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and the Romans.

Once they’ve chosen their topic, they’ll be shown a picture that they can interact with to learn more. For example, when learning about the Middle Ages, children are shown a picture of different people going about their daily business in that time. The children can click on a person (peasant, lord etc) and they’ll talk about their lives – they can also select text to read more information as well.

When they’ve finished learning, children can also undertake a quiz (in the form of a game) to consolidate what they’ve learnt.

How It Works:

It’s a very simple app to use as the children just click on the topic and card they want to learn about. There’s also a handy tutorial which can guide children through the app so they can always work independently.

Why Its Good:

I like this app because it covers so many topics in such an interesting way. A lot of apps are specifically about science, maths or English etc but I feel this app can be used in a range of subjects. It also presents the information in a very engaging way and – because children can read, listen or quiz – it appeals to more than one style of learner.

This is a great app to have in the classroom because you can use it to help children research topics and expand their work in a lot of subjects. It is a great extension activity to give a child when they’ve completed their work and also works well as a wet-play or indoor lunch activity.

£12.99 for the whole pack
£2.99 per topic

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