Telling Time Quiz

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The Telling Time Quiz is a great way to help children to develop their understanding of time and how to read a clock. It’s an app which encourages children to become comfortable with one aspect of time (i.e. o’clock) before progressing onto another (i.e. half past.)

What The Children Do:

Children work through 18 levels which get progressively more challenging as they advance. On each level, children will be given a series of questions and asked to select the right clock face from a list of possible options – the more answers they get correct the more options they’ll have to choose from. Children are given a short time limit in which to answer the questions, helping them to develop instant recall.

After completing a level, children can then move onto the next level which will focus on a different aspect of time. The app encourages progression at an excellent rate without rushing the children e.g. children have to identify a clock which is 30 minutes past the hour before moving onto “half past,” helping them understand the terminology.

How It Works:

Children simply select the level they’re up to and continue answering questions until they’ve progressed on to the next level.

Why It’s Good:

The app is fantastic because it helps children progress at such an amazing rate, encouraging them to understand the terminology of time as well as being able to read a clock. I also like that the app can appeal to many different types of learner because it’s auditory as well as visual as each question is read out to the children as well as being shown on screen.

You can also customize the difficulty by selecting a maximum and minimum amount of clock faces for children to choose from when answering questions, allowing you to differentiate the lesson.

I honestly can’t recommend this app highly enough and feel it can really help a child develop their understanding of time.


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