Terrific Times Tables

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Terrific Times Tables is a powerful tool to use when helping a child to learn their multiplication facts. It’s a very repetitive and easy-to-use app which will lead children to overlearn their times tables and develop instant recall.

What The Children Do:

Children are given a multiplication sum to solve and four possible answers to choose from. They have a set time-limit in which to answer as many questions as they possibly can and are then given a score at the end.

As a teacher, you can customize both the times tables addressed and the time-limit the children are given. As I’ve mentioned, it’s a very repetitive task but it’s also extremely engaging as children try to beat their score.

How It Works:

This app couldn’t be easier to use, all the children have to do is use their finger to select the correct answer from a list of 4. If they choose an incorrect answer, the app will show them the correct answer and they just click “next” to progress.

As a teacher, you customize the time-limit and difficulty using a sliding bar within the settings menu.

Why It’s Good:

I’m a big believer that children are more likely to learn their multiplication facts through a repetitive and challenging activity. This app will help the children to memorize their times tables very quickly and – importantly – not just in order.

It’s a very simple app to use but is also extremely effective with children of all ability levels.


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