Telling Time

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Telling Time is a great app which helps children to develop an understanding of the time and teaches them how to construct and read a clock face. It’s a very colourful, interactive and child-friendly app with a lot of different activities for the children to complete.

What The Children Do:

Children can complete several different activities related to telling the time. Each activity is different to the rest and they can help a child learn a lot of different aspects of time. For example, one activity asks children to stop a moving clock at the correct time whereas another asks them to reconstruct a clock face out of pieces – two different activities focusing on two different aspects of time.

Aside from reading and building a clock, children have to learn to convert digital to analog and vice-versa. As a teacher, you can set the difficulty level and format of the activities (24 hour, analog etc) which enables you to differentiate the activities.

Once the children have successfully completed an activity, they’ll be awarded animated fish which go into an aquarium¬†within the app.

How It Works:

Children select the activity they want to play and are then use their finger to either press the button at the right time, drag the hour and minute hands or move pieces of a clock around.

It’s very simple to use and children should be able to work independently whilst completing the different activities.

Why It’s Good:

There are a lot of different activities which are very visual and hands-on and this will help the children to develop a deeper understanding of time. I think that the app also encourages progress well as children move from identifying the correct time to converting.

As well as this, children will also enjoy adding rewards to their aquarium, encouraging them to continue their learning and constantly try to improve.


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