Times Tables (10 Minutes A Day)

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Time Tables (10 Minutes A Day) is an engaging way to help children develop and improve their knowledge of multiplication facts. The app is progressively challenging and will encourage children to develop an instant recall of their times tables up to their 12x table.

What The Children Do:

timestables2Children have to complete three levels of multiplication questions; in order, random and with a missing number. This ensures children are challenged to progress as they can only move onto another category once they’ve become secure in the earlier one.

There are three levels to complete for each type of question (gold, silver and bronze) so children are essentially given nine different activities to complete. The game is presented very well as children have to complete a set amount of questions within a set time limit (varies depending on the difficulty) to progress. Each question has multiple answers to choose from so children can select the option they feel is most suitable.

What makes this app engaging is that childrenĀ controlĀ a sports car in a race and every time they get a question correct their car moves towards the finish line but if they don’t beat the time limit then a car controlled by the opposition wins.

How It Works:

timestablesChildren simply select the times tables they want to practice and then use their finger to select the correct answer from a list of options. They can choose any up to their 12x tables or a mix of different times tables to be quizzed on.

The idea is children practice their times tables for 10 minutes a day through this app, helping them to develop their knowledge quickly.

Why It’s Good:

It’s an extremely engaging and appealing app because children will see it as a game since they’re controlling a car in a race. I also think the fact that children can progress onto different types of questions is extremely useful for developing instant recall.


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