Times Tables Game – Multiplication Study App

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The Times Table game is a great way to help children practice and learn their multiplication facts (up to 12x tables.) As with many other times tables focused apps, children are tasked with answering questions in a repetitive manner – helping them to securely remember their multiplication facts.

What The Children Do:

Children choose which times tables they want to focus on and then have to answer 12 questions as fast as they can. With each question,¬†they’ll be given a list of possible answers to choose from and at the end they’ll be given a score based on how many they answered correctly and how quickly they did it.

How It Works:

As this app only requires children to use their finger to select the correct answer to each question, they can work completely independently.

Why It’s Good:

The best thing about this app is how effective it is at helping children to learn their times tables. It’s repetitive and focused and will help children to develop instant recall of their multiplication facts.


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