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Whole Wide World 2 is a colourful, child-friendly app which can help children to learn and understand more about the world. The app introduces children to the different customs and cultures associated with different countries around the world through animation and quizzing.

What The Children Do:

Children can select a country by moving a 3D globe around and can then learn different facts and information about that country.

Whenever they select a country, a character from that country will appear and tell them information (both verbally and on-screen) and the children will then be tested on this information.

These mini-quizzes are conducted in a lot of different formats, for example, when learning about China children will be asked to conduct a “Where’s Wally” type search for certain Chinese items whereas in Egypt children will be asked to fish letters (to spell camel) out of the River Nile, avoiding Crocodiles and snakes along the way.

Once children have completed every activity associated with their chosen country, they’ll get a postcard to show they’ve finished.

How It Works:

It’s a very easy app to control, as children simply drag the globe around using their finger and then also select a country to learn about by tapping the screen – it’s a great app which children can use independently.

Why It’s Good:

The activities are fun and varied so children won’t be bored by repetitive games and will be encouraged to learn more. Also, children will enjoy the challenge of collecting postcards and this will also encourage them to explore more information about each country.

It’s a very colourful app with a lot of illustrations and cartoons to really bring each country to life, which makes the app more engaging for the children.

Furthermore, the sheer amount of countries children can learn about is impressive, as the app covers everywhere from the UK and Africa to Iceland and Russia – it’s a very comprehensive global encyclopaedia.

I also personally think the information is interesting as – whilst covering the general information children always find – the characters will reveal trivial information which can help a project stand out.


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