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This app attempts to provide the answers to the constant “why” questions the children ask on a daily basis. It’s a very comprehensive resource to have at hand and can really help to consolidate a child’s learning and also works extremely well as either a starter or extension task as well.

What The Children Do:

This app is an excellent app which has the answers to a lot of “why?” questions such as: “Why do caterpillars turn into butterflies?” and “Why does wood float?”

There are 7 different categories to choose from including; dinosaurs, the human body, history, curiosity, animals, nature and science. However, within each category, there are dozens of questions which can be answered.

In terms of presentation, each question is written on a flip card and once children select that flip card it will turn over to reveal the answer to that question. It’s a great tool to use in any of the above topic-based lessons but also as a wet-play activity or a start-of-the-day activity to help children expand their knowledge and learning.

How It Works:

This is an extremely easy app to use and the children can definitely work independently using this app. All they have to do is tap the topic they want to read about and the card will flip over to show information about that topic.

Why Its Good:

There are two things I love about this app.

Firstly, it’s so easy to use that even a child who’s never seen an iPad can quickly learn how to use it. You can put the iPad on the desk and simply leave it there for the children to use whilst you work with a focus group elsewhere.

Secondly, it’s so detailed and rich with information that children can be engaged for hours using the app and can really improve their knowledge and vocabulary just by reading.

Nature – Free
£0.79 per topic after that.

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