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Thinking Blocks

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Thinking Blocks: Addition, Multiplication, Fractions, Ratio and Proportion

Thinking Blocks are a series of apps which aim to teach problem-solving using bar-models, in common use in Singapore.

What the children do:screen480x480 (1)

Using interactive models, the app introduces children to a different way of visualising calculation. Using 6 steps, children are shown how to organise information and logically visualise the numbers in order to make them easier to solve.

How it works:

The children are given a word problem to begin with and are then shown how this could be represented in a bar model, a method which is used to great success in many Asian countries. They are then encouraged to input the data from the question into the correct block in order to be able to visually calculate the answer.

Why it’s good:

This format allows children to fully appreciate the calculations they are doing and enables those children who may struggle with abstract information to effectively visualise it. The four apps cover a significant portion of the new curriculum and allow children to quickly access strategies which will enable them to move forward.



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