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Animal Sounds is an interesting app as it’s designed to be used by EYFS children but if used correctly, it can be a great asset to children from primary school to A-Level.

What The Children Do:

If you’re using it primarily with EYFS children the app is a great tool for introducing them to different types of animals. The app has an a-z of flash cards for different animals, including; bats, bears, cicadas, dolphins, lions, parrots, rattlesnakes, seals and wolves among others. The list is very comprehensive and children will be sure to find an animal to learn about through this app.

Children can also play different games where they are shown part of the flashcard (image, sound or word) and have to identify the animal. There is also an option to give children multiple choice answers for them to choose from. The option to let children hear the word and identify the correct name or image is a good way to help them develop their speaking and listening skills.

On the other hand, if you plan on using the app with older children, then it can be a great tool to teach grouping, classification and sorting data.

In order to do this, children need to take advantage of the editing tool. Children can edit each card including the name, image and sound. This can be useful as you can ask the children to change the name of an animal to a category such as reptiles, mammals, carnivores or herbivores etc. Children can then press the + button to add an animal into that category and they can begin grouping them accordingly.

This is a powerful tool because you can create a ton of categories and add as may different animals to them as they like. They can also record audio and add an image of each animal.

I’d recommend asking children to select a category, add a couple of animals and images and then record their own explanation of what that category is and why. This gives you plenty of multimedia based evidence to show anybody who requires it.

How It Works:

Children simply select the flashcard that they want to learn about and the app will play the sound and show the picture and name.

Alternatively, you can edit the flashcard by clicking the edit icon and change the title to mammals, reptiles or other groupings and then use the + sign to begin to add different animals to that group. You can also press the microphone to record a sound for that animal and insert a picture from your camera roll or the internet.

screen320x480At its core, the app is extremely easy to use as children just click on the animal they want to learn about. However, you may need to demonstrate how to edit a category before leaving children to work independently.

Why It’s Good:

The list of animals is extremely comprehensive and – consider it’s free – the app is a useful tool to have as it contains a large number of animal sounds, something┬áthat can be helpful to have in an animals themed science lesson.

I also think it’s a useful app to have when teaching children to sort data and to group different animals as you can create any category you want. To be honest, as it’s very easy to customize, you could even edit the category to be something that’s not even related to animals and then add pictures for those things.

The possibilities for sorting data and information are almost endless with this app.


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