daisy the dinosaur

Daisy the Dinosaur

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Daisy the Dinosaur is an ideal app to use when introducing children to coding because it has an exceptional tutorial which guides them through the basic aspects of coding.

What The Children Do:

Children control a dinosaur named Daisy who can be coded to complete several challenges before being controlled more openly in free play mode.daisy the dinosaur

Within the challenge mode, children will guide Daisy through levels by coding her to move forward, jump and spin. As they do this, they’ll be shown where to put the correct blocks of code to perform certain actions and will also be introduced to the “repeat” and the “if/when” functions.

This is a great way to help children develop an understanding of how to code because they’re given a very visual tutorial.

Once they’ve completed the challenge mode, children can move on to free play mode wherein they can code Daisy to perform a variety of different actions such as shrinking and growing.

How It Works:

Children are guided through the app by a very visual tutorial which will ensure they can work independently. In terms of entering the code, it’s very much a drag-and-drop app as children drag code into the right section. and then click to make the action occur. However, children can also select an option to make the character move by shaking the iPad or touching the character with their finger, ensuring they develop their computing skills whilst using it.

Why It’s Good:

As I’ve mentioned, it’s an extremely visual app which will guide learners daisy the dinosaurthrough the process. I also love the fact that it goes right back to basics and assumes the user knows nothing about coding as this allows children to develop an understanding of the entire coding process. It also allows children to start at the same place and progress at their own pace so you can differentiate via outcome. Finally, it’s a very colourful and child-friendly app and Daisy is a very fun character which children tend to enjoy controlling.


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