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Monarchs is a fantastic history app created by Bernhard Reus that I feel every school should have in their classrooms. It gives children a complete timeline of the monarchy in England as well as key information about each ruler.

What The Children Do:

Children can access a colourful gallery which features every monarch in English history. From this gallery they can select a monarch to learn about and will be given information such as:

  • The dates of their reign
  • Their house
  • Dates of birth and death
  • Family
  • Nicknames
  • Famous facts

Aside from selecting a monarch from the gallery, children can also access a comprehensive timeline which features every monarch and the house they belonged to. It’s an extremely informative app and is full of excellent information so children can learn an awful lot in their history lesson.sentence master

Children can also play games to test their learning. They’ll be given an image, achievement, nickname or reign and asked to identify the monarch based on this information. You can customize the rules to only give certain information so you can differentiate the activity accordingly. The app records high-scores which also gives you evidence of progression.

How It Works:

Children can choose to view each monarch’s portrait (colourful child-friendly sketches) in the gallery and can then click on the “i” icon to receive information about each monarch. Alternatively, they can view a timeline and select a specific monarch to learn about.

To access the different games, you simply have to click on the menu and select “Play Game”. This will take you to a page where you can click the specific game you want. It’s a very easy app to use and children could work independently.

Why It’s Good:

The app is full of useful information which can really help a child develop their knowledge of British history. On top of this, I also think helping children understand the timeline of Britain is a good way to promote British values throughout the school.

It’s very easy to use and is extremely child-friendly, with the colourful caricatures being a particular highlight. The option to play different games will help children to retain the knowledge and being able to record high scores will help them to learn as they’ll want to score higher than their peers.

It’s a brilliant app which I highly recommend for any school.


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