Developing Computational Thinking with a 2 Year-Old

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Whilst I was playing with my son and helping him to organise his toys, I realised that this was a great opportunity to develop his computational thinking skills.

So, I’ve decided to do a series (1 video per week) where I’ll demonstrate how I’m doing this. Whilst my son and I focus on his development, I will say that the most important thing is that he has fun making this series – and I’m pretty sure that he does!

Even if he doesn’t know what’s going on.

So, to begin with I decided we’d focus on his ability to sort data. To do this all I did was gave him the choice between two toys that he could put into a garage, a brick and a car. The car is the correct choice and he chooses this every time but the choice is important because it means he has to sort the objects in his head.

After we did this, I laid all the toys at once on the coffee table so he could again choose which toys were most appropriate. As you can see below, he begins by selecting the cars he needs before deciding it would be more efficient to eliminate the bricks and toss them aside – so he’s showing computational thinking by sorting the data into two sections – what he needs and what he doesn’t.

Within this series, I do plan on trying to develop all sorts of Computational Thinking skills. My son and I enjoy spending time together and if it helps him to develop his thinking skills them I’m all for it.

However, as I said, the most important thing is that he has fun!

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