QR Codes: What Are They And How Do I Use Them?

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What is a QR Code?

When making a display for the classroom or updating a working wall, there isn’t much that will impress your headteacher, or a visiting Ofsted inspector, more than a QR Code.

qr code

A QR Code is a special set of characters which is used to store information. Most often that information is text, imagery, video or a website address. You can use different software to scan the codes and then the information stored on that code will be brought up on the screen.

How to Use them in the Classroom

Ask the children to write a summary of what they’ve been doing in class and turn it into a QR Code. Place this QR Code onto your display and ask any visitors to scan the code to reveal more information. This demonstrates effective use of ICT and is also engaging for the children in the class.

You can also use QR Codes in conjunction with the popular software program, Purple Mash.

A lot of the applications on Purple Mash give you the option to turn the students work into a QR Code. qr codesAfter the children have saved their work on Purple Mash, you simply click on the “Share” icon (highlighted by the red circle in the picture) and select the option to create a QR Code. Purple Mash then quickly creates a QR Code that you can either save or copy into another document for later use.

This allows you to be extremely creative with the topic you teach; for example, the children in one school completed a project about their hometown. The teacher then stuck QR Codes with information on them around town – allowing the children and the wider community to celebrate their work.

Another useful quick tip is to print off QR Codes with a website attached to them and place the QR Code on each desk. This is a great time-saving tip when you want children to find a website as they won’t have to type anything in themselves.

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