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If you’re an EYFS teacher having the 2Build a Profile app (created by 2Simple) is a great way to record evidence of any progress made by the children in your class. It’s extremely easy to use and you’ll only need one iPad to record evidence for every pupil in your class.

As the app is controlled by the teacher and not the child, I’m going to write this as more of a tutorial than a recommendation (although I will write a summary of why you must have this app in the classroom).

What The Children Do:

Nothing! All the children have to do is work as usual because the iPad is to be used by a member of staff.

How It Works:

So, I’m planning on writing this as a numbered tutorial to make it as simple as possible for you to use.

Whilst the tutorial may seem quite long, the process is actually extremely fast and you’ll be able to record a lot of progress very quickly without much practice.

Setting Up Your Class (Only needs to be completed once)

  1. Visit www.2buildaprofile.com and use the Class Setup tool to input your class name and the children in your class (you can import from SIMS if you prefer)
  2. Once you’ve set your class up, click on “Upload to 2Bap” to upload your class to the 2Build a Profile app
  3. Head over to the app and select settings
  4. Input your licence key and then opt to download your class list (you’ll be given the option)
  5. If you want to take a photograph of each child to put alongside their name you can do this as well (by clicking on the post-it note and then selecting a child)

For an in-depth tutorial about setting up your class list, please click here.

Using The App – Recording the Evidence

  1. Set your lesson off and allow the children to begin their work
  2. Click on the camera icon to take a photograph of the child or children working
  3. ┬áSelect the “add learners” option and then select the child or children in the photograph
  4. Click on “add objective”
  5. From here you can select your curriculum from five possible options
    1. Early Years
    2. Foundation Phase for Wales
    3. Scotland CFE Early Level
    4. Cyfres Sylfaen
    5. Australia EYLF
  6. Then select a subject from the list and a category from within that subject i.e. “moving and handling” from within the “physical development” subject
  7. Select the age group of the child or children
  8. Select the objective i.e. “Can catch a large ball” or “Mounts stairs, steps or climbing equipment using alternate feet”

Using the App –┬áRecording Progress

  1. Now you’ve taken a photograph of the children and selected the objective from the curriculum that they were trying to complete it’s time to add notes
  2. Click on “new experience”
  3. Add any notes about their performance or learning
  4. Write some next steps
  5. Enter the name of the person observing or working with the children
  6. You can now e-mail that report to yourself but the app will keep a record of it

As I mentioned above, this may seem like a time-consuming task but it’s actually very quick to do. You literally take a photograph of the children, select an objective, tag them in the image, make a couple of notes and you have a piece of evidence to show progress.

Why Its Good:

The app is fantastic because it allows you to develop a huge amount of evidence of the learning that EYFS children are undertaking. Whilst they don’t usually produce a lot of writing, you can still show a lot of progress through the photographs (and the option to select a subject from the curriculum allows you to record progress in every subject).

On top of this, you can also search for a specific piece of evidence by selecting a date range. This is very useful when you’re preparing for a meeting and don’t have a lot of time to search through files and folders for examples of work to show.

Honestly, if you want to save time and also build up a great deal of evidence there is no better tool to use that 2Build a Profile.

Free but you’ll have to pay for a 2Simple licence.

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